Qurtoba for Training and Recruitment was founded in 2007 in Sudan, specializes in Recruitment and supplying Manpower. In fact, we provide staffing solutions daily for many of clients in a variety of fields, across the country. We live in rapidly changing world where new technologies and challenges influence every day facet of our business. And in any professional business or staff are our asset and they alone holding the key to successful and profitable future. We strongly believe in working in partnership with our clients to come up with the best tailored recruit solutions possible.

 Qurtoba for offers a fast, efficient and professional service. The staff members are all experts in their fields. They operate in a unique team structure to ensure that, there is always someone available to care about, aware of your needs, and provide you the information, feedback or advice that you are looking for. Our team is dedicated to provide a creative business and recruitment solutions that are developed in partnership with you.

Our Mission

Qurtoba training, recruitment and consultancy aiming to promote the individual, and society To achieve such goals we provide them with skills & values that contribute in making them distinguishable characters in life. Our services are perfect and professional. They depend on our culture, its originality and the human thoughts. Our mission is essential to achieve a high and effective level of services

Our Goals

Our center aims to satisfy the following goals: To contribute actively in building and promoting human being perceptions and skills so as to be an active element in the development of our society. 2. To work for the re-enforcement of the roles of the institutions & ministries as well as to create co-operation with them hoping to achieve Quality Control in satisfying the goals and promoting the performance of the manpower in a way that suites the modern era challenges. 3. To prepare trained individuals well so as to contribute with high rates in training and development. 4. To fulfill integration between different societies to contribute in the generations growth which suites our originality, culture and civilization

Our Values

Our trends and decisions are based on our nations original values and principals. 2. We are keen enough to be faithful, frank and truthful with others. 3. Our approach is perfect and professional in presenting its training programs. 4. To invest the modern technologies and make use of them in presenting our training sessions. 5. One of our major aims is to let our agents feel that, they are our partners in developing our performance. So this helps us greatly in satisfying them. This will lead to the promotion of the whole work. 6. We often provide interesting programs that are characterized with innovation, modernization and variation. 7. We appreciate discussion and dialogue with the center team and our agents hoping to make use of their views which may contribute in developing the performance

Our Services Include

We provide you Recruitment and hiring of employees. We provide you HR Services. We provide you employee outsourcing service

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